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Thanks for the sick show Pittsburgh! 📷 @imthears0nist #dailyshred
We are no longer friends… least for 2 more periods @rlestephen #enforceboston #violentgentlemen
Yup. #foodporn  (at Burger Bach)
NC daily shred. 📷: @imthears0nist
Apparently on Easter @Davewhatever has special abilities…..
Sick SICK show lauderdale!!! Thanks for the sweaty gig. 📷: @carlitos_n
True love is very hard to come by these days. Even more so witnessing a strong marriage last for more than 60 years. Congrats Grammy and PaPa. I envy you both. #60years #anniversary #partyon
Thanks for the good times St. Pete! On to lauderdale!
We’re up for a couple awards this year!! Please go out and vote!!! #blessthefall #kerrangawards
Thanks for the awesome show Lawrence!! #hollowbodiestour