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Metal band with a pop punk mentality. 📷: @imthears0nist
Friendship in the city.
Where’s my Asian friend?

So stoked for tonight’s show!! Let’s go jersey!!! 📷: @imthears0nist

Brothers is shred. #dailyshred 📷: @imthears0nist
Had a great time in Wilmington last night!! Winston-Salem today! #dailyshred 📷: @imthears0nist

If you haven’t yet, make sure you grab a ticket to the #crowdsurfamericatour !! You don’t wanna miss this! Video: @imthears0nist

Had fun giggin in Bama the last couple shows!! On to Knoxville! #dailyshred 📷: @imthears0nist
As long as I can sip on bones life ain’t to shabby.
Feels good to be back on top boys!!! Stanley cup champion!! Great final series with @imthears0nist