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Damn. #dangles

Yotes game. Bad view. Thanks parks!!!
Tour is coming up fast!! Come talk music with Elliott and myself on the #hollowbodiestour
Ginger awareness day. 📷: @biggiexxx
Fresh in. Gotta catch em all.

Pop punking last night with friends and @fiopoppunk

Recent rig. Maybe one day ill take the time to set up a ground control.


i am physically incapable of not reblogging this

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So stoked to be in Total Guitar magazine this month! For all the gear heads curious about mine and @Elliottshreds travel set up, pick up a copy.
Hey every!! Elliott and I are stoked to announce that we will be teaching a song writing class on our up coming Hollow Bodies Tour!! Come check out how we write, structure, and fine tune all of our songs. We will be taking you through our writing process step by step. This will not interfere with our VIP M&G and is completely separate. Hope to see you in tour!